For my first solo trip I decided on a charming town not too far away. After arriving, though, I was not so sure about my choice anymore. Walking around the main train station I was strongly intimidated by the fact that I did not understand a single word of the language spoken around me. The ticket machine did not have a credit card slit. At that moment I truly asked myself why I ever thought I could do this. But then, two friendly men offered their help – in English, luckily.

Fromthat point on everything just got better. The town turned out to be a dream. For example, I was in love with their old tram cars – so much, that I decided to ride in one, even though I could have easily walked the distance.


Built on the hill approaching Prague Castle, Lesser Town entices with narrow, cobbled streets and buildings with intricately designed facades.


Even though climbing the hill might not be on the top of everybody’s list, the Prague Castle will make it well worth your efforts. Take a walk around the castle grounds for free. Just don’t make the same mistake I made: purchasing tickets is not necessary, if you know at what time of the day to enter the castle. But I only learned that tidbit the next day.

Golden Lane, which is situated on the castle grounds, has to be the cutest street in all of Prague. From the castle gardens you can enjoy a lovely view over the entire town.


The Charles Bridge may be the most famous construction in Prague, which is why it is swamped with tourists. Still, it is picturesque and offers a lovely view of the mansions built along the Vltava River.


Located a little further up the Vltava River you find the Dancing House, one of Prague’s famous newer buildings. When you keep walking, eventually you will reach Vysehrad and St Peter and Paul’s Basilica. Enjoy a walk through the beautiful park and the view over the whole town from an entirely different perspective.


Different companies offer free walking tours through the Old Town and the former Jewish ghetto. I got a good insight into the town’s history, something I was not familiar with at all before. Seeing as Prague belonged to Austrian territory for quite some time, this may be a bit embarrassing.


I definitely recommend visiting Josefov and one of the synagogues. Sadly, all of the synagogues were closed due to a holiday, but when I come back to Prague – and I am sure I will one day – I plan to take a closer look.